Lamborghini Urraco P250

1/18 by Kyosho (08441R)

Lamborghini Urraco P250 by Kyosho
September 18, 2009

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It had been announced a while ago during a show in Germany, but as usual it would take another few months before you would be able to buy the actual model.

I was able to get this red copy very early on from a source in Hong Kong, as they are able to get hold of these new models a lot earlier than any of the European sources I usually buy my models from, too bad the shipping and custom costs are rather high, but that's the price we have to pay to get these models early I guess.

As this is a Kyosho you know it isn't going to be cheap to add to your collection, so the first question could be : Is it worth it ? The answer to this one is easy : YES !

Ok, it costs about the price you would pay for three or four Maisto or Bburago models, but the attention to detail in the Kyosho models is so much higher. The AutoArt 1/18 models (especially the more recent ones) are very nicely done, but Kyosho is still one step ahead.

Just take a look at the dashboard, it is an exact replica from the actual car, if they would fit thin leather on the seats it would really be difficult to distinguish it from a real car in a photograph (AutoArt has a few models with real leather upholstery, but no Lamborghinis yet).

Also underneath the engine cover you are greeted by a very nice looking V8 in small scale, while a tiny pin is available to hold the cover open. The luggage compartment has a nice dark gray carpet and at the front you find a spare tire underneath the highly detailed hood with the two fins, just like on the actual P250 model from those days.

A nice touch are the pop up headlights, they work just like on their Countach models by pulling a lever at the bottom of the car, out of sight but still very practical.

I've went for the red version as this was the first one that became available, however by now a dark blue metallic version is also available so you can get the one you prefer.

I must talk about the box this classic V8 comes in, it has no window, it is a closed cardboard box, but once you open it you understand why, the entire car is wrapped in foam so it can't move inside it's container, the doors are held together with large black plastic sections that are fitted with pins in the chassis of the model, this way you don't need a small screwdriver to take the model out of it's box, a real nice touch and a very safe way to transport it.

Some sources stated both the red and the blue shade were limited editions, but there is nothing to be found on the box to confirm this, so I guess it is produced in large numbers, even the black Miura SV from Kyosho (the one with the silver wheels and sills) that was limited to 996 units is still readily available these days, so 'limited' editions aren't as limited as they used to be anyway.


Overall rating 10/10

Original price : € 85

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