Lamborghini Reventon

1/18 by MR (LAMBO01)

Lamborghini Reventon  by MR
October 24, 2009

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The Lamborghini Reventon was introduced back in 2007 during the IAA Frankfurt Auto Salon as a limited edition that would only be built 20 times and sold at a hefty 1 million Euro.

Naturally it was sold out at once, and many people wouldn't even be able to see one in real life, so the next best thing would be to acquire a decent scale model of this rare Lamborghini.

MR was among the first to present a 1/43 model of this car, they usually are by the way, but a large 1/18 scale version would follow shortly, something unseen from MR in the past.

Again built in very limited numbers, this 1/18 MR model of the Reventon is truly outstanding, but comes with a hefty price that has been rising ever since the production of this model ran out too.

Being the first 1/18 scale model on the market it was obvious many collectors added it to their collection, which boosted prices even further, expect to pay over USD 500 when you are able to locate it, anything lower and you made a great deal, as I did.

I've been able to add this car to my collection for a price only little over the cost of the AutoArt version as the previous owner was forced to sell part of his collection. To be honest I wasn't going to buy this MR model after I received the very nicely detailed AutoArt 1/18 model of the Reventon, but at the price I was able to get I just couldn't resist.

So is it worth about 4 times the price of the AutoArt version ? I would have to say no actually, sure it is very nicely finished, and it is more detailed than any of the other 1/18 models of the Reventon available, but does a little more detail justify those very high asking prices ? That's up to you actually, what is it worth to complete your collection is the question, if it is the very last model you haven't on display yet it might be a good idea.

Do note that the MR is a very static model, the wheels don't turn, nothing opens and you have to be very careful when cleaning dust on this car, the windows are very, very thin plastic and are easily damaged, especially those glass fins in the engine cover.

On the other hand the details are outstanding, the replicated carbon fiber is just amazing, and looking at the engine you might think it could start any moment, the attention to detail is at a very high level, which could justify the high price for these 1/18 MR models.

Bottom line : would I buy it at the original asking price of about USD 400 ? Probably yes, just to be able to own all available models of the Lamborghini Reventon, but if you are a bit less extensive in collecting Lamborghini automobilia you might as well settle for the AutoArt version, which costs a lot less and is finished almost as nice as this MR version.

The MR version on the other hand will remain a rare model as none are being built anymore, also note it actually also exists in white ... a concept I really don't understand from scale car builders. There isn't a real Lamborghini Reventon in this shade, so why build a scale model of it ? If it doesn't exist I don't see any reason to pay so much money for a scale model as the white one was even more expensive than this original grey one !


Overall rating 10/10

Original price : € 275

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