Lamborghini Urus

1/24 by Maisto

Lamborghini Urus  by Maisto
January 18, 2021

Listed under Lamborghini Urus | Color : Blue
Section 1/24 | Maisto | diecast | 9737 viewings

I just love the looks of these color-coded Lamborghini, these are 1/24 scale Maisto models, so don't expect too much, but these are just for fun. Even the trailer is color-coded, and comes with decals on the tires, just like the Urus and the Huracan.

I have seen these being listed on eBay for ridiculous prices (twice what I ended up paying for it), but I got lucky when I ordered a few models that were offered at a discount, this set was back in stock ... they tend to sell out quickly it seems, and I've been wanting to add it to my collection for a while.

But I always postponed the purchase because I wanted to split the shipping costs with other models, paying nearly 30% of a model in shipping just doesn't sit well with me ... but each time I had something more expensive to order, this set was out of stock.

Not this time ... I had 3 1/18 models in my shopping cart and saw this one back in stock, so I went for it, and it seems I got the last one they had, now it's no longer listed ... again. But I'm happy with it, this looks really nice on the shelf.

Originally released in October 2020.


Exterior 6/10
Interior 5/10
Engine Not visible
Accuracy 6/10
Overall rating 6/10

Original price on January 8, 2021 : € 32

Lamborghini Urus Lamborghini Urus Lamborghini Urus Lamborghini Urus

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