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1/18 by Looksmart (LS18_URUS_A)

Lamborghini Urus  by Looksmart
October 10, 2018

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When the Lamborghini Urus was unveiled at the factory in December of 2017, most of the press cars were finished in Giallo Auge, a solid yellow shade, and they already had a 1/18 scale model on display at that time, which is rare indeed as usually by the time new Lamborghini models are shown to the public, they will have a 1/43 scale Looksmart model available ... having a large 1/18 model at the presentation was new, and more importantly, it wasn't an MR model, but instead a 1/18 Looksmart model, either in Giallo Auge or in Grigio Lynx, the two presentation shades.

Now you either like or dislike the new Lamborghini Urus, but the fact remains this model will be doubling the number of Lamborghini built every year, now you may think this is a dilution of the brand, making them less exclusive, but it will also mean more cash flow for the company to keep building the exotic flagship supercars we all love. Also, keep in mind the Urus would be a great car to own next to your Aventador or Huracan ... no more Range Rover or Mercedes G-Wagon on the driveway, now you can stay with the brand we all love ... Lamborghini.

The scale model

As I said, this 1/18 Looksmart model was among the first to be available, but being a sealed resin listed at €279 I was tempted, but still didn't get it at first, this is a lot of money and I heard Bburago would be doing a 1/18 model too. Now I know I shouldn't compare Bburago to Looksmart ... but €35 compared to €279 ... that could soften the 'issues' with a Bburago model I imagined, turns out it didn't.

So I bought the 1/18 Lamborghini Urus by Bburago (both in yellow and grey), and despite being rather nicely made for a €35 model ... Bburago again made the bad decision to 'fit' their model into the standard box, and with the Urus being a large SUV in real life, the Bburago model ended up being a 1/20 instead of a 1/18 model ... so that's not good enough in the end.

That's when I decided I had to get a better model for this important Lamborghini, and I started searching for the Looksmart one in Giallo Auge, as I prefer that shade over the darker Grigio Lynx version, by the time I was in the market for this Looksmart model I noticed MR was also building the Urus, and it came in other shades too, like the Bianco Canopus I like so much ... but the MR ones are even more expensive (but some do come with the optional sunroof) so back to a Looksmart model.

Turns out there isn't much price difference to be found for these models, when I did find a nice deal, the shipping and import duties would ruin it, so I ended up paying the normal price for a model within Europe and eagerly awaited her arrival a few days later ... I was surprised about the weight of this model, sure the Urus is larger than any other Lamborghini, but this Looksmart is heavy, very heavy ... and I have heard some models arrive damaged because the screws can't handle the weight when turned upsidesidedown during shipping.

The Giallo Auge Looksmart Urus comes with a serious list of options from the real car, for one the solid paint naturally, but also the glossy black finish of the lower sections on the front bumper, side sills, wheel arches and rear diffuser called the 'Shiny black Style Package), if you opted for the Grigio Lynx version, these parts are color coded by the way. Also note the yellow version comes with black window trim, on the grey one these are silver, another option on the list.

At the rear, the Giallo Auge Urus is fitted with the matt black exhaust tips, a very nice touch and great attention to detail from Looksmart (note the grey one comes with the silver exhaust tips)? The exterior rear view mirror is finished in glossy black on this model to match the small vent behind the front wheels ... but for me one of the most important options are those massive, 23" Taigete wheels in a diamond finish over yellow brake calipers, I really love these wheels (the Bburago model comes with 22" Nath wheels).

In real life you can buy the Lamborghini Urus in either four-seat configuration or five-seat configuration, Looksmart went for the latter in the Unicolor leather setup in Nero Ade, they did opt for the Q-Citura stitching pattern in Giallo Taurus and the branding package with the embroidered Raging Bull logo on the headrests ... all in all not too different from how I would spec a real Urus if I would order one.

Bottom line

So is this 1/18 scale model from Looksmart for the Lamborghini Urus something you should add to your collection?

I would have to say yes. The Looksmart model is priced rather reasonably compared to the MR version, and it also comes on a nice leather(look) plinth and display cover, and to be honest ... there is no comparison to Bburago anyway. The paint finish is really nice on this model, I guess the pearl metallic paints on the MR version could be even better, but as I wanted this Giallo Auge shade anyway I am quite content with my choice.

So are there any flaws? Yes, there are ... you'll run the risk of receiving a damaged model because of the sheer weight of this 'block of resin', especially if you have it shipped from afar or your local postman isn't too careful with the box. But also the black painted details aren't always very finely contoured, it almost seems like a rush job to get the models finished ... I think the MR ones will be more precisely painted ... but it isn't a total disaster, don't get me wrong, I really love this large Looksmart model.


Exterior 8/10
Interior 8/10
Engine Not visible
Accuracy 9/10
Overall rating 8/10

Original price : € 279

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