Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 by AUTOart
December 1, 2012

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The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show as the long awaited successor to the by then aging Murciélago model that was in production for the last ten years ... however I must admit the Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce was a magnificent swan song for this V12 flagship.

But it was time to put down a new revolution in the high end super car market, and Automobili Lamborghini SpA took their time to get it just right, the Aventador became the reference among exotic super cars with a 12 to 18 month waiting time to get a brand new one ... so what do you do when you are waiting for the real deal to be delivered? You buy a scale model of it.

Over the months after the unveil of the real car several scale car manufacturers came up with smaller versions, Looksmart and MR being one of the first ones as usual ... I don't own a Looksmart Aventador, but I do have two MR made 1/18 models, and despite the errors on it their Bianco Canopus finished one is still a highlight in my collection.

After those first MR made 1/18 resin models I naturally got hold of other builders 1/18 Aventador, the Bburago being one of the best out there for the money despite it being more 1/19 than 1/18 it is very, very good for the money. I also bought the 1/18 Mondo Motors made Aventador ... biggest mistake ever as it is way too expensive for the finish and detail. Later on I got hold of an amazing looking FrontiArt made 1/18 Aventador in matte black, a sealed resin model, but stunning nonetheless ... followed by a nice white metallic Aventador made by FX models which is extremely nice ... but only sold in Asia, so shipping and customs import taxes ruins it for people in the US or Europe ... until Welly came up with the Arancio Argos model for a very decent price.

All the time lots of scale car collectors out there were eagerly waiting for AutoArt to release their Aventador, as usual it was introduced early on but took ages to finally reach production stage ... and this Nero Nemesis (together with Bianco Isis) was the first shade to reach the distributors, and from what I've heard it is nearly sold out by the time you are reading this review.

I for one really love a black Lamborghini, I still admire the Nero Nemesis Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce from AutoArt just about every day, so when I learned they would release the Aventador in the same shade the order went in quickly ... together with the press release shade Arancio Argos naturally, you know I always try to get a scale model that looks exactly like the car at the show and in the press release.

So I was happy ... until I saw the price of these diecast, AutoArt made the Aventador in their Signature series, and this means a serious premium over the Performance series ... so getting all shades like on the LP640 and LP670-4 is a bit out of the question with the Aventador I'm afraid ... and I know a lot of people were (and still are) wondering if the high price for the AutoArt made Aventador is worth it ... in one word: YES!

I admit I'm a fan of the Lamborghini Aventador in real life, so a scale model automatically attracts my attention, I really, really love the FrontiArt made resin model in matte black (which is a limited edition of 150 units) and when the AutoArt made Nero Nemesis arrived I couldn't wait to get it out of the clamshell and put them side by side ... bummer ... they aren't the same shade !

While the FrontiArt one is really matte black, the AutoArt Aventador is more a satin matte ... which is correct actually. The Nero Nemesis shade is in fact a black paint with a satin matte top coat, so AutoArt painted it in the right shade while FrontiArt is a full matte black, very nice don't get me wrong, but not factory correct ... so let's say the FrontiArt is a wrapped Aventador while the AutoArt version is the real Nero Nemesis finished V12 flagship.

The fact AutoArt put the optional orange finished brake calipers on this black Aventador made me want it even more, add those glossy black wheels and the look is just amazing ... the stance is perfect and from most angles you could be mistaking this 1/18 scale model for the real car ... AutoArt's attention to detail reached new heights with this Signature model.

For instance the doors, we all know the traditional upward opening Lamborghini doors, but on the Aventador they modified these a little. The doors now also open a bit outward to allow easier access to the interior, so in a scale model the angle has to be right too ... and AutoArt is spot on, you slide the 'handle' on the door forward and they slowly open ... up and out, just like it should be. And to make things even better ... there is a strut on the door, just like on the real car, how's that for attention to detail ... even the red light has been painted on the door panel.

The AutoArt Aventador is also the first model I have that has an adjustable rear wing ... now I must admit I don't really like the look of it when it is in the 'up' position, but I do give credit for adding this detail on the scale model ... it not only goes up but also slides a bit backwards, just like the real deal ... so well done AutoArt!

Another point of attention on many scale cars are the grilles, most of them are either solid with a grid look, or transparent plastic with the grille painted on it ... or real grilles like AutoArt has, you can clearly see the radiators behind them. Do note the shape of the 'holes' is not 100% accurate, but you have to look really, really close to notice this when you have the model on display ... so I don't really mind actually.

The green tinted glass on the engine cover is exclusive for the Nero Nemesis shade, the other colors on the AutoArt Aventador will receive clear glass, another very nice detail, just like the optional yellow springs on the race inspired suspension ... as would be expected the engine is nicely detailed on this AutoArt model ... so no complaints here.

Up front the hood opens using real life struts to reveal a nicely carpeted luggage section, it all looks a bit fragile, but then again it is a 1/18 scaled down version of the real opening mechanism, so for me this is a plus on the AutoArt model ... you'll just have to be careful opening it ... at while we're up front, take a look at the amazing Raging Bull crest set in an indent on the front bumper, just like in real life.

Onto the interior, another masterpiece of downscaling. All the details are present, the steering wheel looks real, the levers for the gear change are very thin, the dashboard cluster looks real and the small switches and dials on the dashboard and central console look near perfect too.

I for one think a full black interior is a bit dull, but inside a Nero Nemesis body it does contribute to the intimidating overall look and feel, so I'm not getting into that, there are nice seat belts installed and the Lamborghini script sits proudly on the dashboard as part of the 'Branding Package' option on the real car, it would have been nice to see a metal script here like at the rear of the car, but AutoArt put in a painted version.

So bottom line: is this 1/18 AutoArt made Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 perfect?

No it isn't, sure it is very close but they missed two small details: on the central console of the Aventador there is a small red flap that covers the 'start/stop' button that will launch the V12 symphony behind you in the real car ... in this scale model that flap is black, a small detail.

The second detail AutoArt got wrong is the Raging Bull logo on the headrest ... it isn't there while together with the Lamborghini script on the dashboard it is part of the Branding package option, so both should be there in fact.

I guess even the high end Signature series isn't perfect, but other than that this is probably the best 1/18 scale model of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 available on the market, sure it is expensive, but still not nearly as high priced as an MR model (which has some serious flaws by the way) and while being at least twice as expensive as the FX models Aventador I would not hesitate to get this AutoArt version, especially in Nero Nemesis.

UPDATE: several sources stated the rear view camera is missing on the AutoArt made Aventador, and I was also under the impression they forgot about it ... but in fact AutoArt didn't mess up here. On the option list of the Aventador you will find 'Park assistance' ... which includes front and rear parking sensors ... and a rear view camera, neither are installed by AutoArt so this model just came without that option, that's all ... it is NOT an error!

Originally released in November 2012.


Overall rating 10/10

Original price : € 150

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