Lamborghini Urraco Rally

1/18 by Kyosho (K08444P)

Lamborghini Urraco Rally by Kyosho
May 6, 2014

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I for one really like this custom made Lamborghini Urraco, in fact it is a one of a kind race prepared version of the classic V8 that has been created by none other than the famous Bob Wallace, test driver for Lamborghini in the early days and the man who also created the Miura Jota, sadly Mr Wallace passed away in September 2013.

When Kyosho released a beautifully detailed 1/18 scale model of the unique Urraco Rally (also called Urraco BOB by the way) I didn't hesitate to add it to my collection ... that was back in December 2010 and the reactions weren't unanimously positive about this model. Sure it looked amazing, but there were a few things missing ... that enormous rear wing for one and the rear view mirrors on the front fenders.

So Kyosho quickly responded with a catalogue showing a second version of their 1/18 Urraco Rally ... with mirrors and rear wing ... unfortunately it would take a very long time before this additional model would be available ... but Kyosho did what they promised ... and today we can enjoy the one of a kind Lamborghini Urraco Rally in 'full battle dress'.

The model comes with the rear wing detached to avoid damageDo keep in mind this model comes without the wing fixed in place, in fact neither the front hood nor the rear wing are installed when you open the box.

This probably done to avoid damage during shipment, and I don't really mind to be honest, it is a quick and simple job to put four small pins into holes on the rear fenders to install the rear wing, there is no glue or clips to fix it however ... which is also true for the front hood, it just 'sits' in the opening, when you aren't careful when looking at the car the hood just falls to the floor ... happened twice to me during the photo shoot ... no damage, but still a small magnet like on the AutoArt Super Trofeo Gallardo would be a nice touch.

Other than that minor issue there is very little wrong with this new Lamborghini Urraco Rally scale model from Kyosho, the rivets on the wide wheel arches look amazing, the wheels are just perfect ... ok there is no scripting on the side of the tires, but you can't win them all. The seats inside look really good and the steering wheel has a nice 'Momo' decal on the center ... even the gearshift box shows a small 'Urraco' script and when you open the engine cover there is a nifty little decal that would show the chassis number and engine number on the real car ... in 1/18 scale it is a little too small to make out anything.

The two versions of the Urraco Rally side by sideSo is this new Kyosho model for the Urraco Rally just a remake of their original one with the added rear view mirrors and rear wing? No it isn't, there are several details that differentiate this evolution from the original model.

From the outside at first glance you'll naturally notice the addition of those nice little rear view mirror pods on the front fenders, I'm not sure about this, but they do look like Vitaloni mirrors to me.

Rear view of the original Urraco Rally and the new versionAnother giveaway on this new model is the large, aircraft carrier size rear wing on its black struts, these do look a bit larger than the ones I remember seeing on the real car, but I would call that the 'artist freedom' ... I guess if these would really be thin black metal struts they would bend or break too easily, so I can live with these on the Kyosho model.

The lettering on the lower section of the dashboard is differentAn additional difference between the original 2010 version by Kyosho and this more recent evolution can be found on the dashboard, the lettering on the lower section of the dashboard is different, take a look at the section to the left of the steering wheel. On the left you'll notice the original 2010 version where you can just read the labels ... on the newer model this is just a red stripe now, more subtle, but no longer readable.

Note the vents at the rear edge of the roof, on the older model Kyosho painted these black ... on the more recent model they didn't bother with that anymore.

The engine is still a V8 but there are differencesAnother difference between the 'old' model and the new one can be found under the engine cover, which I have to admit is rather difficult to open with the rear wing installed, so I removed it for this photo.

Take a closer look and you'll notice multiple differences in the wiring and even some equipment is missing or moved around, now this could be correct with the real car keeping in mind it is currently located in Japan and the owner most likely has 'updated' the car over the years.

Looks like the older model had fans in the frontI do find it very interesting Kyosho went through the hassle of actually making a difference between their first model and this later one, sure we're talking about details here, but still it is great to see Kyosho cares about it anyway.

Same thing under that elusive front hood which keeps falling from the car ... a close inspection shows the first model has some motors visible at the front, most likely to power two fans ... on the new model with the rear wing there is nothing left but a plain section ... no more cooling fans needed now?

Looks like the wheels are slightly different tooNow this didn't catch my eye initially, but it looks like the wheels have been modified ever so slightly too for this new evolution.

They are still the same as we've seen on the original Jota, especially the very deep rear wheels are extremely impressive and they still are central locking units ... but upon close inspection it looks like the newer model received 'cleaner' openings on the outer rim ... it is a very small difference, but still it is there ... another testament to the fact Kyosho didn't just put some mirrors and a wing onto the original model and 'call it a day', they put some effort into this evolution.

Just take a look at that massive rear wing ... that alone is reason enough to get this modelSo bottom line: should you add this 1/18 Lamborghini Urraco Rally from Kyosho to your collection? YES you should, even if you already own the first release from 2010 on this model it is still worth adding this evolution to your collection because it is so different from that initial model.

Just take a look at that massive rear wing on this new Kyosho model ... that alone is reason enough to buy this one, just keep in mind the original car is finished in this bright orange shade, at the moment the 'wing' version is only available in this tint but the original model was offered in red and white too by Kyosho, and I'll be the first to admit it looks absolutely stunning in white ... it doesn't exist, so as much as I'm tempted to buy the Urraco Rally in white I try to resist.

Originally released in March 2014.


Overall rating 10/10

Original price : € 95

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