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February 29, 2012

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“I modified one of my 1/18 Bburago made Aventador models into a Roadster edition, some special cutting and mat black paint to make it look different.”

The LamboDieCast review :

A lot of speculation has been going round on the internet about the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster version that would be unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show … things didn’t turn out like this, instead Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveiled a one of a kind Aventador Jota model … only one built, and styled like a racing barchetta instead of a practical convertible.

I was sold in an instant for a over 2 million Euro, and as only one will be built I don’t think we’ll be seeing it on the open road a lot, but there is hope : MR has announced it will build a 1/18 model, and chances are AutoArt will follow next year too, after the latter releases the regular LP700-4 model in late 2012.

Back to the Aventador Roadster, I starting thinking it couldn’t be that difficult to create my own Roadster version based on one of the Bburago models I already had, took me a few minutes to decide which one to sacrifice to my ‘cutting’ urge … I went for the black one because I like that shade, turned out to be a good choice as I would add an upgraded Bburago in black a few days later.

Taking apart a Bburago 1/18 scale model isn’t difficult at all, so after some careful looking around and removing a few screws the bottom of the car came apart from the bodywork, a bit of hesitation with the steering column … but in the end it only took about 15 minutes to strip this Aventador in a widespread collection of parts.

Careful masking and measuring to get it all right from the first go and I got to work with my trusted little Dremel using a cutting blade … like a warm knife through butter … the roofsection was cut away, not in a straight line, that would be too easy, but at the back in a shape that followed the line of the engine cover and up front in a curve like the windshield … not as easy as it sounds perhaps, but with some patience it all worked out nicely.

Similar to the Murciélago Roadster I continued by painting the rear side windows in mat black, also the windshield surround and parts of the ‘left over’ roof were painted in mat black … I’m not too good at using a brush for this, so I will be taking apart the car again to remove this mat black paint and apply the same shade using an airbrush … that will give a smoother result.

I already heard from people ‘in the know’ that my nifty little attempt at creating an Aventador Roadster isn’t too far removed from the actual car … that according to the same people is actually completely finished at this moment, but is kept from being unveiled because delivery time for the normal Aventador is already 18 months, so there is no space to add the Roadster into production.


I actually took apart the entire car shortly after these shots to start over, first will be a removal of all current paint on it, after that I will apply a new shade of paint on it and use an airbrush for the mat black parts too, at the same time I am going to change the interior, update it a bit and make it draw more attention. Probably the wheels will be modified, but more importantly I will get rid of those rather plane looking disc brakes.

While visiting the Geneva Auto Show this year I was able to buy an ‘updated’ version of this black Aventador by Bburago that received the nice disc brakes and calipers, so in the end taking apart my original black Aventadar was the best choice … it has been replaced by a new standard model already.


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