Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


August 22, 2011

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“The latest shade released by Bburago on their 1/8 Lamborghini Aventador model is white, and it looks amazing.”

The LamboDieCast review :

I knew from the start that Bburago would also be releasing the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in white, I wasn't sure it would be glossy or mat ... and it became glossy apparently, but that wasn't the only surprise I had when I opened the cardboard box holding my latest addition to the collection.

I specifically waited to order this one until it became available in Europe, I'm tired of having to pay additional custom and VAT on my models only to have them a week or two earlier, I first found the new white shade listed in the United States ... the seller wanted to charge me $40 to ship it to me ... no way, so I had to have some patience ... and behold, only a few days later a German diecast shop listed it too, at only €30 and €9 S&H, I ordered at once.

I think Bburago has been reading my review for the earlier three shades (orange, black and grey) or some of the comments on the different diecast forum out there because this isn't the same model as the first batch ... nope, they modified a few things, some for the better, other not so great unfortunately.

The best 'update' on this white model are the wheels and the disc brakes ... the latter are no longer simple, smooth discs but on this Bianco the discs actually show the illusion of being drilled, and there are brake callipers, in black, but still they are now present ... at the rear you'll even notice a small calliper for the hand brake ... this is a major improvement over the first production batch.

Perhaps less visible, but the wheels are different too, even the tires are better finished now, the wheels are taller, better filling the wheel arches, so overall this makes the Bburago 1/18 Aventador look even better ... another hit for the recently released model by Mondo Motors unfortunately.

I've heard from some sources the recent mat white release from Bburago on the Lamborghini Reventon didn't looks so nice, the paint finished was not up to specs ... well I can honestly say the glossy white Aventador looks good, the paint is well applied, a nice gloss (which comes out even better after some wax and buff treatment) not too thick and with the mat black air intakes the overall look is beautiful.

I now own the orange, the black, the grey and this white one ... and I must admit : as nice as the Grigio Estoque version is with it's warm brown interior ... this white one is my favourite shade, I'm actually thinking about taking it apart and putting a white/black combination on the interior, the current, plain black is a bit boring, but it does suit the car, no doubt about that.

But it's not all positive to be honest, on my copy the front hood doesn't close completely, so I'll be taking it apart anyway to see if I can remedy this, it doesn't bother me too much, and I'm sure this isn't a 'feature' of the white edition, but just an omission on my specific sample.

However, what I did notice was the fact the doors don't open as wide outward as on my earlier Aventador models, as you know the traditional scissor doors seen on the Countach, Diablo and Murcielago, opening upwards only did get a little update on the Aventador, they still open upward, but also a bit outward to ease entry into the low slung super car.

On the three earlier shades the doors open further outward from the bodywork, but after clsoe inspection of photos taken from the real car it is obvious the doors on the three earlier Bburago shades open too wide in fact, so with the modification on this new white shade it actually comes closer to the real car, another great detail Bburago implemented.

Due to circumstances I ended up with two orange models, one of them I converted into a Super Veloce edition ... imagine how the satin black parts of this SV would look on a white Aventador ... perhaps an idea for the future ?

Bottom line : at the moment this is the best Aventador model out there in 1/18 if you count value for money. Sure the MR ones are stunning and much better detailed, but you can get over 10 of these Bburago models for only one MR. If money is no problem buy the MR version, but if you are collecting diecast models this Bburago surely deserves a spot on your shelves !


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