Lamborghini Diablo SV


February 26, 2009

Listed under Lamborghini Diablo SV | Color : Black
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“The Lamborghini Diablo is one of my personal favorites among the Diablo range together with the limited edition Diablo GT. This black model from AutoArt is just magnificent.”

The LamboDieCast review :

I really like the Lamborghini Diablo SV model, with it's rear wheel drive only and those amazing air intakes on the engine cover it just looks amazing to me, I would prefer a MY 1999 edition, but this black AutoArt 1/18 model in pre-1999 version is really nice too.

I went for the black over tan version because I like how this shade makes the Raging Bull look even more impressive, and AutoArt did a great job in reproducing the looks of the original car in small scale.

AutoArt also mode this Lamborghini Diablo SV model in yellow and blue by the way.


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Original price : € 125