Lamborghini Countach LP400


February 25, 2009

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“This white Lamborghini Countach was in fact the first car customized for Walter Wolf, a Canadian Race team owner that would order several custom Countach afterwards.”

The LamboDieCast review :

Back in the early days of the Lamborghini Countach it was THE car to own for the rich and famous, just like the Miura a few years earlier.

At that time Walter Wolf was racing his own team in Formula One and needed a car that would get him noticed among the VIPs attending the F1 circus.

A Countach would do nicely, but Wolf insisted on having something special so he convinced the factory to install a roof mounted wing (much like the one of this Japanese owned Miura SVJ) making this white car stand out of the crowd.

Later on Walter Wolf would order three more highly customized Countach models, a red LP500S, a blue LP500S and a dark blue LP500S that was actually the very first Countach S production model (these cars were called LP500S because he had a 5-Liter custom engine on loan from the factory).


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Overall rating 10/10

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