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June 2, 2016

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“I really love the Grigio Titans, matte grey metallic shade from Lamborghini, so when AutoArt released a 1/18 scale model of the Huracan in that finish I just had to buy her.”

The LamboDieCast review :

In real life the 'Grigio Titans' shade is only available as a special request Ad Personam option from Automobili Lamborgini SpA, this custom order matte grey metallic paint looks really amazing in real life, so when AutoArt announced they would do a 1/18 Huracán LP610-4 model in Grigio Titans they had my attention.

Now we all know what happened when the first 1/18 AutoArt Huracán arrived at collectors ... the two first shades were white and orange ... and neither was appreciated much as this was the first so-called composite model from AutoArt, a fancy name to avoid calling it a plastic model ... which in the end it is in fact, opening the front hood reveals the fact these are now made from color infused plastic ... and light shines through!

Sadly enough AutoArt priced their new composite Huracán rather high, in Europe usually around €199, and as much as I wanted to add the white Huracán to my collection, I just couldn't get over the price ... and the fact I already owned a white 1/18 Huracán from Bburago (I know, that's not a fair comparison) kept me from buying the Bianco Icarus AutoArt made 1/18 V10 Lamborghini ... but I didn't have an orange one yet, so I couldn't resist buying the AutoArt 1/18 Huracán in Arancio Borealis earlier this year, and I managed to add a very nice, white 1/18 Kyosho Huracán recently too ...

The 1/18 Huracan in Grigio Titans from AutoArtSo did I need another Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 in my collection? Sure I did, why not ... and this Grigio Titans was just the right one to complete the series, the 14th Huracán model I own, and without a doubt the best one I have at this moment ... especially as I got a real AutoArt one for a decent price this time.

When photographing this matte grey metallic shade it quickly became obvious the paint reacts to light very differently ... the moment you put her into a photobooth with multiple light the paint becomes alive, a lot less dark ... so keep in mind the actual model might look a little darker in real life than you see in these photos.

First impression

A closer look at the details on this 1/18 AutoArt HuracanI really like matte paints, my all time favorite shade on the Aventador was Bianco Canopus, the 1/18 MR Aventador in matte pearl white metallic is still drawing my attention to this day in my display case each day as I pass it, same thing with the Nero Nemesis Aventador from AutoArt ... matte paints look great if you ask me, so when I opened the box with this Grigio Titans, matte metallic grey Huracán ... she put a smile on my face.

The paint finish looks amazing, I couldn't find any flaw during the photoshoot of this car, the metallic particles are clearly visible, they might be a little too large, but the overall impression is very nice, AutoArt nailed it with this finish, and the Huracán looks amazing in this shade ... it isn't the usual bright shade we see most of the time, this matte grey has a more 'class' look to it, hence why AutoArt decided to put a strange shade on the seats and part of the door.


The rather light shade on the seats looks really good with the greyOn that note, let's take a look inside this scale model, opening the door, which includes a full size window, reveals a classic looking interior with a very light shade on the seats, part of the central console and the door handle ... almost white, but not really, it looks more like a very bright tan, almost a Bianco Avorio ... the shade does complement the exterior in fact, and the blue tint of the dashboard and door panels looks great with this light tan 'upholstery' and the matte grey body.

There are seat belts inside the AutoArt 1/18 Huracán, and the dashboard shows a nice Lamborghini script as part of the Branding Package option (which also includes the Raging Bull crest on the headrest) ... but at this price point I would expect the dashboard and door panels to have a better finish ... it really looks like plastic unfortunately.


Very nicely detailed grilles on the 1/18 AutoArt made HuracanI have already gone into details about this model when I reviewed the Arancio Borealis version, apart from the shape of the grilles used the attention to detail from AutoArt on this Huracán is very good, the intakes on the side of Lamborghini are nicely reproduced, the one thing I could flaw on these AutoArt models are the wheels, these silver finished Gianno wheels are just not as finely done as the ones found on the Kyosho models, but that's about the only thing I could find to comment about on this model.

The overall stance of the AutoArt Lamborghini Huracán is nice, not perfect, but nice, I would have preferred the front to be a little lower, now it looks like the front is raised to avoid scraping the low bumper.

Bottom line

Remember one of the biggest issues I had with the orange Huracán from AutoArt was the paint ... or the lack of paint to be honest, these composite models look like they are actually cast in color, the orange shade and metallic flakes are 'in' the plastic, perhaps a glossy top coat is applied afterward, but the Arancio Borealis Huracán from AutoArt just lacked 'depth' in the paint ... this is something the Grigio Titans version solves perfectly ... there is no shine, so no depth ... but still the metallic particles are visible, so for me this is one the best finishes to get on the AutoArt made 1/18 Huracán ... and to make you even more interested ... AutoArt is going to release a massive 1/12 scale version of this car, in the same shade, now that's a must have if you ask me.

So should you add this matte grey metallic 1/18 Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 by AutoArt to your collection? In one word YES ... it is amazing, for me personally the interior could have been another shade, but it doesn't conflict too much with the grey exterior ... but just imagine a light grey or even white interior ... that would really make this one perfect.


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