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May 10, 2014

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“For me one of the best shades on the V12 flagship from Lamborghini, Grigio Estoque grey metallic over a warm brown interior ... made by AutoArt”

The LamboDieCast review :

Ever since I saw the real Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 being unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show I was impressed with the looks of the Grigio Estoque finished unit that was on display back then, sure the bright Arancio Argos that took center stage looked amazing and I have several scale models in that shade, also the pearl metallic white satin finish called Bianco Canopus is one of my favorite shades on the Aventador (MR makes the best matte white one) and naturally Nero Nemesis is just awesome too (got the both FrontiArt and the AutoArt versions of matte black).

Grigio Estoque finished Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4But just take a closer look at this Grigio Estoque shade released by AutoArt ... it is absolutely gorgeous, especially with the warm brown interior and the fact this is the only shade AutoArt released with the silver wheels instead of the optional black wheels.

This shade is a lot less 'in your face' than most of the other colors you'll see Aventador in, pink, orange, yellow and bright green are all very nice, and I like them too, but this grey metallic in combination with the luxurious brown shade inside just oozes a totally different look and feel ... much more class and refinement, still a Lamborghini ... but with a more subtle impact.

The AutoArt Signature box with the serialized certificateKeep in mind the 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 by AutoArt is released in their high end Signature series, this means a higher price for one, but also a higher level of detail ... and the model comes in a closed box complete with a certificate showing a serial number. Mine is number 1765 ... but it doesn't say how much are being built in the end, so limited production ... but how limited? 2,000 units ... 10,000 units ... what I do know is that this specific shade is sold out by now in many online shops, and I'm not too sure AutoArt will be doing a second production run.

So if you are interested in adding this amazing looking shade to your collection I would advise you to get one while they last, this shade is one of the first production series, which means the flap over the start button is black instead of red like on the real car ... we all know that the new shades AutoArt released have this issue fixed and some of the later production models show stitching on the dashboard while the first release doesn't.

The Grigio Estoque finished Aventador by AutoArt is also the only one that features a Bicolor Elegante interior which means the entire seat is covered in the same shade of leather together with the lower section of the dashboard, the central console and two parts on the door panels. The Bianco Isis, Arancio Argos and Turquoise shades from AutoArt received a Bicolor Sportivo interior ... in this case only the center of the seats, part of the central console and one section on the doors receive a contrasting shade against the otherwise Nero Ado leather.

The Nero Nemesis, Rosso Andromeda, Pink and Verde Ithaca (which looks more like a Verde Sandag in fact) all received a standard Nero Ade interior ... all black ... another reason I like this Grigio Estoque so much with the full Terra Dirce Bicolor Elegante leather inside, a perfect match for the special grey metallic paint on the outside.

AutoArt Signature series are highly detailedBeing an AutoArt Signature edition their 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador model is highly detailed, the paint finish is flawless, the fit and finish is nearly perfect too and the stance of this V12 is just amazing, sure the front could be lowered a bit, but why, it is like this the car is driven on the open road anyway ... the real Aventador has a front lift system.

The headlights are great small scale replicas of the real deal and the side lights look real too, one small detail is the scripting on the brake calipers ... on the AutoArt model they do show 'Lamborghini' but on the real car there is an additional 'Carbonceramica' script on them too ... because the disk brakes on an Aventador are Carbon Ceramic units.

By now we also know AutoArt will be releasing the absolutely stunning Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 Roadster and the in real life limited edition Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversario so we'll be able to complete the series in the near future, in fact the first two shades of the magnificent Aventador J are nearly in stock, too bad AutoArt first releases white and black ... which doesn't exist in real life as the Aventador J is a one-off finished in dark red metallic.

Another Aventador evolution that AutoArt will be releasing is the LeMans racer inspired Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 ... so there are still a lot of very interesting 1/18 Raging Bull models in the pipeline to keep us busy for a while ... better start saving up some money to be able to acquire them all.

Nero Nemesis and Arancio Argos together.Right now I have three shades on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in 1/18 made by AutoArt, the first two I bought were the Arancio Argos and the Nero Nemesis units, now this third one in Grigio Estoque joins the group ... will I be adding another one from AutoArt to this list? I'm not sure yet, depends a little on price and availability of the newer models, but that Giallo Orion one is still somewhere on my wish list ...

Despite the rather high price of these AutoArt Signature Lamborghini Aventador models they are still among the best available on the market today.


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