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February 5, 2013

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“I am a big fan of the Need for Speed games, especially the Most Wanted versions where I can drive a Lamborghini police car, so when I found this Aventador Police edition I just had to get it.”

The LamboDieCast review :

You know I love Lamborghinis, and the new Aventador is just a very beautiful car I think, so I accumulated a lot of different models of it, I even customized a few of them to expand my collection even further ... another flaw of mine is gaming ... driving games naturally, where I can drive the cars I love so much.

So the Need for Speed series has been part of my gaming frenzy for many years, I think I actually have played my way through just about every edition ever made, started out on the PC and evolved onto the PS3 platform ... one of my absolute favorite is the Most Wanted version, driving or being chased by a Lamborghini in full police trim is just amazing, the two Gallardo Polizia 1/18 models have been added to the collection the moment they came out ... but now I've managed to get hold of something really special.

A Seacrest Police, speed enforcement edition of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 ... note that it isn't available in stores anywhere, these are hand refined models, based on a regular diecast it has been completely modified and updated into something truly amazing.

Just check out the paint on this specific car ... most of the car is a high gloss metallic flake black paint, but the white sections are actually matte finished, which creates a mind-blowing effect in real life ... in fact it doesn't show that good in photos, but in real life this combination of high gloss and full matte is just plain beautiful.

Add to this the amazing police decals found all around the car and you almost get Goosebumps from just looking at it. The 911 emergency decals are there, the mirrored Police up front, the vehicle number on the roof, in front of the headlights and at the back ... even on the dashboard, while the police crest sits just ahead of the rear wheels with that intimidating 'speed enforcement' script on the rear fenders ... while the doors get the very nice, large black and red police script.

Keeping the rear view mirrors in glossy black was just the right choice if you ask me, adding those two white sections on the front hood and on the air intakes next to the engine cover make the illusion of a Seacrest County Police car complete.

Inside things are totally different too, I found the carpet used inside the cockpit to be just perfect, in fact if you look very closely you'll notice there's even carpet against the rear section, behind the seats ... how's that for attention to detail.

I also noticed the Lamborghini script on the dashboard is made from real metal and the headrest show a delicate Raging Bull logo ... this is what the official Branding Package from Lamborghini is about ... and I'm sure you'll be able to convince the factory to install beautiful white seatbelts too, just like inside this police scale model ... complete with metal clamps.

On a police car like this it would be a mistake to use silver finished wheels, so this one shows the factory optional black wheels, hiding very nice, contrasting bright orange brake calipers ... a small detail, but it shows the look and feel I got from this model ever so nicely.

In fact I didn't give it a five star rating as I felt one thing was missing ... the light bar. Now I do understand why it is missing, the builder actually explained me it was because it would lower the top speed of the car ... in real life you would get flash lights in the front air intakes, in the windshield and in the rear air outlets ... all built in to avoid additional drag, and I do get the picture, it actually makes sense, and with the high power LED lights these days it would really work too.

But call me a sucker for police light bars ... but I managed to buy one from a Gallardo Polizia model that was modified by a fellow collector, came all the way from Singapore to Belgium in a matter of days ... took me a while to turn one side in red instead of blue, but I think it looks absolutely amazing now.

It might not be an AutoArt model, but with the price of those AA Aventador at the Signature level these days I think the asking price for this totally custom made Aventador Police edition is still relatively low ... just imagine how many hours of work went into creating this truly special model.


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