Lamborghini Countach LP400S


April 4, 2012

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“This is in fact a hand made sample of a future production diecast by AutoArt, no markings on it and painted solid pink ... this is a true one of a kind.”

The LamboDieCast review :

From time to time something really amazing can happen ... one day I received a box straight from AutoArt in Germany, didn't have a clue what could be inside so I opened it carefully ... to discover a diecast like nothing I've ever held in my hands before.

It might not look like something special, but believe me ... it is!

This diecast of a Lamborghini Countach LP400 S is in fact a hand-made sample from AutoArt ... made way before any kind of production is started, these samples are used to judge the looks and stance of the model before the tooling for mass production is finalized.

Most of these samples have traveled the world before they are usually scrapped ... but from time to time these are given to collectors as a very special gift, I know a fellow enthusiast and friend in the Netherlands received a similar hand sample of the original Countach LP400, while a third sample Countach went to a friend in Germany.

Now we've all seen the pre-production model of the Countach LP500 S Walter Wolf edition that will be released by AutoArt next year, but look closely at this pink model ... this is actually an LP400 S model, the wheel arch extensions are different compared to the Wolf model ... these are the actual production extensions ... so this is a prototype model of an AutoArt made LP400 S model and not one of the concepts for the Walter Wolf models.

Further proof of the fact we are looking at a 4-Liter model Countach is the fact dual distributors are visible on the engine, the later 5-Liter V12 had a single distributor and furthermore this 'hot pink' Countach rolls on the stupendously expensive Campagnolo wheels with the five protruding holes.

Naturally these hand-made prototype samples led a rather harsh life before they are retired, hence both exterior rear view mirrors have broken off, I did get the rear wing with the model, but one of the struts also moved out at some point ... so I took it away completely, leaving the bare metal visible ... gives the model that 'rough' look.


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