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October 27, 2012

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“I have been looking for this black Lamborghini Diablo Roadster from AutoArt in 1/18 scale for years now, finally managed to add it to the collection.”

The LamboDieCast review :

If I would have to put down a Holy Grail of Lamborghini diecast models up to now ... this black 1/18 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster from AutoArt would be it. The red shade I had in my collection for a long time already, and I know there is also a yellow shade available, but I have been looking to add this black version to my collection for many years ... and finally I've been able to get one.

The black shade on the AutoArt made Lamborghini Diablo Roadster is about the rarest of them all, AutoArt released this model back in the Nineties in red and in yellow, I got the red one as I really liked that shade, somehow I'm not a fan of a yellow Diablo Roadster ... but later on I found out AutoArt also made the Diablo Roadster in black.

And I really love black Lamborghini, unfortunately I missed this shade when it was new and readily available on the market ... and these days the black one is very, very difficult to find for a normal price. I've seen red ones change hands for 60 Euro, yellow ones for a little more ... but once you look at BNIB once ... brand new in the box you are talking about 100 Euro and more, heck I've seen a black Diablo Roadster in the box listed for 250 Euro.

But if you have enough patience to wait it out ... which I normally don't have to be honest ... you can find a bargain ... if you are quick. One evening I got a call from my brother in law ... he found a perfect looking black Lamborghini Diablo Roadster from AutoArt for a reasonable price, he already bought it actually.

Now we all know disaster can strike during shipment ... but this black beauty arrived in pristine order, nice and glossy, no missing parts, not scratches ... just like it was put into the original AutoArt box nearly 20 years ago today.

Just take a closer look at this lady, the high gloss black got an even deeper shine after some polish and wax, the tan interior looks perfect in this dark shade, those silver painted wheels are just beautiful, and if you look close you can even see the Brembo calipers ... these are unmistakably the best Diablo diecast models ever made.

I'm not going to complain about the fact the doors don't stay open, I know that, none of my Diablo models from AutoArt have doors that actually stay open long enough for a photograph, let alone to be put on display, so I don't care about that. The front hood opens to unveil the large Alpine amplifier, and the engine cover does stay open to show the nicely detailed engine.

Keep in mind you are looking at a model made nearly two decades ago, and for that era this model is highly detailed ... to today's standards you might expect more ... but that's evolution for you.

I have put this black Diablo Roadster next to my 'old' red one, and both look really, really good ... but I must admit the black one takes the honors for me ... the combination with the silver wheels and light tan interior is just perfect ... to be honest I never understood why AutoArt would put that rather special shade interior in the red version ... I'm sure the red Diablo Roadster would look really stunning with the tan interior too.


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