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September 14, 2012

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“After getting the white metallic Aventador from FX Models we found this orange one made by Welly, which is the European brand for FX Models as the latter is only available in China.”

The LamboDieCast review :

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is a massive success in real life, in little over 12 months they managed to sell 1,000 units and the order book is still filled for the next 18 months or so, so when this amazing Raging Bull got built as a scale model it became in instant hit too. Models from MR sell like crazy while Bburago made a very good attempt on it despite being more a 1/19 scale instead of the normal 1/18 scale.

Shortly after that Mondo Motors released a 1/18 model too, but unfortunately it isn't very detailed so I wouldn't consider it a viable option if you are looking to add the Lamborghini Aventador to your collection of scale cars.

A few weeks ago another player released a 1/18 model of the V12 flagship: FX Models offers four shades on the Aventador, yellow metallic, orange metallic, matte black and white metallic ... the latter I couldn't resist and ordered it straight from China as FX Models is only available in China and Hong Kong ... they don't feel Europe or the United States would be an important market ... well think again FX Models ... we are buying them with stupendous shipping costs and high custom tax invoices now, if you would import the FX Model into Europe and the US your sales would skyrocket !

But the company behind FX Models also owns Welly and GTA Models, with Welly being a somewhat lower end version of FX Models ... and behold: Welly does offer a 1/18 model of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in the classic Arancio Argos shade only for now, I can only hope they consider releasing some more shades in the Welly series.

So adding the Welly version of the Lamborghini Aventador takes a lot less shipping costs if you are in Europe, and no custom taxes ... which means at €37 this Raging Bull is a bargain to be honest, sure this Welly isn't at the same level as the FX counterpart, but it also costs less in the end too, and in my case it adds up to about 60% less than the FX Model as we managed to pick it up right from a shop in Germany ... so no shipping costs, thank you CK-Modelcars!

Let's take a closer look at this Welly made Aventador, more specifically the difference with the higher end FX counterpart: for one there is no carpet inside the Welly model while the FX version has carpet on the floors. Open the front hood and you don't see any carpet either, again the FX does have a nice black carpet in the luggage compartment ... and if we compare the central console it seems the Welly one isn't as nicely finished as the FX version, but that could be my specific model so I'm not going to focus on that.

One more difference I did notice was at the back ... the third brake light is present on the white metallic FX made Aventador (sure it is only a decal) while there is no such thing on the Welly model, I admit it doesn't show too much being an orange finished model, but still it is one little detail they could have left in place I think.

Other than those details the Welly model is a very good alternative, all the details are there, the hood up front opens correctly with the air vents in front of the windshield staying in place, the shape of the headlights look correct, the Raging Bull crest is inside a small indent like on the real car, the disk brakes look right and the black brake calipers have the nice Lamborghini script on them together with 'Carboceramica'.

At the rear the taillights are nicely detailed and the exhaust as the quartet of insets nicely detailed ... but the same issues as the FX remain: the grilles are closed all around, which to be honest doesn't bother me that much ... I have a much more important issue with the interior.

Inside this Welly shows the optional two color shade combining black with color coded orange ... the problem is this orange is a bit too much color coded with the exterior, the sections on the seat and door panels are finished in metallic orange ... and they are glossy to make things even worse. I also noticed the orange paint on the door panels isn't applied very nicely, the line between black and orange is a bit strange looking.

Taking it all into account this Welly 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is still a very good model to add to your collection, at this price it clearly blows the Mondo Motors version out of the water, while the Bburago model is still cheaper, it just isn't as good as this new Welly made Bull ... and now for the big guns out there.

The MR looks really good, but it costs almost ten times as much and nothing opens on it ... and they made a massive error on the headlights too, the shape is wrong on the MR models. Then we compare it to the FrontiArt made Aventador I have in matte black ... at about €300 the FrontiArt is the best looking of the bunch, but again nothing opens (FrontiArt has released an 'opening' version at nearly €500 recently) ... so I would say both the MR and the FrontiArt models will appeal to a different kind of customer.

Probably the biggest competition will be the AutoArt 1/18 Aventador that is being released at this moment, naturally the AutoArt will be better compared to this Welly model, especially when it comes to fine details like the grilles, but also the doglegs on the hoods will not be there on the high end AutoArt Signature model ... but with the Welly being offered at less than €40 and the AutoArt around €170 we are looking at the serious premium for the additional details.

So which model should you get? That's a difficult question, but I must admit the Welly and the FX Models Aventador are looking very good for their price ... sure the AutoArt will look better, but will it look good enough to warrant the high price ... we'll have to wait and see, I for one will surely be adding the AutoArt Aventador too, so when it arrives we'll do a compare between all the Aventador models we own in 1/18.


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