Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


April 25, 2012

Listed under Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 | Color : Grey
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“I decided to put a nice red shade on the interior of this Bburago made Aventador, and while I had it completely apart I put some custom cross spoke wheels on it too.”

The LamboDieCast review :

After I saw the Lamborghini Aventador in Grigio Estoque in real life at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show I was very impressed with the looks of it, at the show this car had a nice, warm brown leather upholstery, so when Bburago made this exact color combination I didn't hesitate to add it to my collection.

I managed to get hold of one of the early releases ... with the brake caliper issue, so when Bburago came out with a second release that mounted larger wheels, drilled look disc brakes and actual calipers I naturally got that one for my collection, which left me with a double ... being a Bburago model at about €40 per unit I didn't feel too bad about it, but still, I don't like doubles.

At the 2012 Geneva Auto Show I saw a stunning looking white Aventador on the stand with a special order Ad Personam full red leather upholstery, and I loved it, so back home I took a screwdriver to my original grey metallic 1/18 model and started modifying it.

While I had it in parts I imagined I could take modifying this one a bit further, so I ordered some parts from the internet : new BBS wheels in the classic cross spoke design I painted in a nice steel metallic shade, they could have been a bit darker I feel, but I didn't want to go for mat black as that would make the car look more like a track model, and that wouldn't fit my idea of the interior, so a steel shade it became.

They needed some modification to fit, but in the end I managed to put some spacers on the rear axle, drilled out the mounts on the wheel, cut a section from the original wheels to make up for the lack of width at the rear (these were four standard width wheels originally, so the rears needed something extra for the Aventador)

But that was the easy part, I went all the way for the interior, I repainted it in a nice combination of red and black, addedn red seat belts with a genuine metal buckle, put in a print of an actual photo of the dashboard cluster, and fitted correct pedals in it, just to make the interior look a lot more real compared to the original Bburago job, which wasn't too bad to start with mind you.

I for one really like the combination of the Grigio Estoque exterior over a special order Ad Personam Rosso leather interior similar to the optional 'Bicolor Elegante', and the new, metal Lamborghini script on the dashboard just adds that finishing touch to it ... perhaps not a massive modification, but it looks just the way I wanted ... and that's all that matters in the end right ?


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