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March 14, 2012

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“No this isn't a second unit of a model we already own, this is the new, updated release from Bburago on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.”

The LamboDieCast review :

Only a few months after the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was introduced at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show Bburago was releasing their 1/18 scale model, and it was rather well finished and nicely detailed, so they did put some serious effort into it.

However it seemed like in the end they had to cut some corners to get the model ready for release, there were disk brakes, but these were plain discs and no calipers were present, the exhaust pipe on these Bburago are a simple, wide grille while there should be four smaller pipes inside and the doors do open a bit too wide compared to the real car.

After a while Bburago also released a black shade with a very nice combination of brown and black interior, together with the Grigio Estoque shade … both with the same ‘issues’ as the original release. A few months later Bburago came with a nice white version of the Aventador … and behold : they modified it.

This new release had drilled look disk brakes and nice brake calipers, the wheels looked better, most importantly the wheel arches were filled now, the doors were modified too, not opening as wide as on the intial release … but the exhaust still was just a large opening with a grille inside, so still one little detail to work on.

At that time many fellow collectors were wondering if Bburago would re-release their previous shades with these important updates … a question that has finally been answered with the model on this page … YES they did rebuild the earlier models with the updates.

This is the official press release and Geneva Show car shade, Arancio Argos on the 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 from Bburago, and it includes all the updates mentioned earlier … even the shade it a hue different from the original release … this new model is a bit more towards the red hue, while it should actually have been more orange instead.

Still these Bburago models are not really 1/18 scale, I performed some measurements on the original car and calculated it was more a 1/19 scale model instead, so just a bit smaller than it should be … an issue for some collectors, a real no-no for others … but honestly I don’t really mind, I have these on display next to each other so it doesn’t show in my case.

The same seller I got this orange version from also had the black with him, so I got that one too, unfortunately I haven’t been able to locate the grey shade with the updates yet … so I have some work cut out for me ahead.

Latest news is Bburago also released a yellow Aventador model, also with the correct discs and calipers … a copy of this latest shade is in transit as you read this, so an in depth review of the Giallo Aventador will be published soon.

UPDATE : for a project I'm working on with my brother in law I had to take another, close look at this model, and I found out it has even more differences compared to the original release :

- The front wheel is different : the original one measures 14x31mm while on the new release it measures 13x33mm, so 2mm taller ... that's why it fills the wheel arch better. The rear wheels are similar at 17x34mm ... yes in real life the rears are also 1inch taller at 20 inch.

- The thread on the tires is different on the new release too, it looks more like a Pirelli tire now, so yet another small detail Bburago updated.

- The air valve on the wheels is now correctly placed inside the double spoke, and not between spokes like on the original release.

All in all I must say I am impressed by the fact a company like Bburago makes an effort to improve their model after the initial production run, sure the mold isn't changed, but still they fixed the doors and more importantly they completely changed the wheels, tires and brakes ... an update that puts this model on a very nice, high level of detail.


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