Lamborghini Diablo SV

1/18 by Welly

Lamborghini Diablo SV by Welly
February 16, 2012

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I only recently managed to get hold of one of my Holy Grails when it comes to Lamborghini scale models, the blue metallic Lamborghini Diablo SV in 1/18 by AutoArt, a model I have been looking for ages to add to my collection as I went for the black shade when it came out … only problem was these SV models are very expensive to come by these days … but I had a stroke of luck an managed to buy one for a decent price.

I knew Welly also made this shade, but these don't turn up too often for sale either, I already have the silver metallic shade, and to be honest I wasn't too impressed with it, sure it is a Diablo SV while the Maisto model is in fact a Diablo SVR with the deeper front bumper and side sills … but other than that and the decent doors with side windows in them, the Welly model isn't too much better.

A while ago I received a mail from someone selling a big part of their Lamborghini model collection, so I went to visit the guy and one of the models I brought back with me was this blue metallic Diablo SV from Welly, I thought it would be a great idea to be able to compare the same shade on the same model between the relatively cheap Welly model and the much more expensive AutoArt version.

Let me tell you I immediately had the same sentiment when I took this blue Welly out of the box as I had with the silver metallic version years ago … the stance is totally wrong, this super car actually has a lifted front end while the rear wheels sit inside the arch too much … just like on the silver one I have, so it is a feature on the Welly model, not just an oversight on the old one I have.

When I compare with the AutoArt version I see this one has a near perfect, horizontal stance, but I wasn't going to let the Welly down that easy, took a bunch of photographs on it and started looking at the details on the computer (this sometimes reveals much more than just by looking at it) and boy did this model go from bad to worse in a hurry.

Let me put it down for you … first up the stance, ok this can probably be remedied by opening up the model and modifying the suspension a bit. But that was only the beginning, on the AutoArt model we get the nice, small SV script on the wheels … the Welly model also has this, but it is such a dark shade of red you have to look really careful not to miss it … and then you notice the disk brakes are chromed like on a Maisto, but the Welly does not have any calipers !

Those are details … but what struck me even harder was the serious difference in color between the bodywork of the car and the bumper (both front and rear), the side skirts and the rear wing … Welly didn't manage to get the same shade of blue on them, and it really shows, also the metal flake that makes this a metallic blue is a bit too large, probably they used normal automotive paint … on the AutoArt the metallic shade is much finer … hence more pleasing to the eye.

Inside the same story continues … there are hard plastic four point seat belts in the Welly model, just like in most Maisto models, sure these were optional back in the days of the Diablo SV, but I do prefer the AutoArt approach with the standard seat belt coming in from the center of the car.
So bottom line the Welly 1/18 model of the Lamborghini Diablo SV is an alternative to the much more expensive AutoArt model … however these days both are nearly as difficult to locate, and I really would suggest looking out for the AutoArt version … I paid €22 for this Welly model, a few weeks earlier I paid €69 for the AutoArt version … so is the latter worth more than triple the price ? YES it is, sorry to say, but I don't consider this Welly to be even remotely close to the level of detail and finish of the AutoArt counterpart.

I collect all kinds of Lamborghini models, so the two Welly do deserve their place in my collection, but I must admit I have the black and the blue AutoArt Diablo SV on display in my living room … both Welly models are also on display, but in the hallway … I guess that shows how I feel about them … the Welly is good, the AutoArt is way better.


Overall rating 6/10

Original price : € 22

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