Lamborghini Cheetah


February 11, 2012

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“Back in the Eighties Bburago released a 1/24 scale model on the unique Lamborghini Cheetah ... I finally managed to add one to the collection.”

The LamboDieCast review :

I have seen this 1/24 scale Bburago made Lamborghini Cheetah before, not much, but once in a blue moon it comes onto the market ... when they are in perfect shape and come with the original box these are worth their weight in gold, prices of €80 and more are no problem when BNIB (brand new in box) unit pop up.

I consider myself an avid Lamborghini scale car collector, but I have my limits too, and at those prices I have to pass ... but when I get a mail from a fellow Lamborghini collector telling me he is selling a big part of his 600 scale models I tend to pay attention ... even more so as he has not one but two of these in his collection.

This original tan shade was found on the actual Cheetah prototype made by Lamborghini, it even comes with the correct black interior, however those chrome wheels weren't mounted on the real car, it had color coded wheels, but I can live with that small oversight from Bburago.

Unfortunately this specific model didn't come with the original box, and after looking around I also noticed there should be an antenna at the rear, that one is missing too ... but then again I didn't pay €80 for it either ... so taking into account the very nice price I managed to buy this model for I am certainly not complaining.

I think this model had been on display for many years, I think it received a quick swipe, but the interior was still covered in some serious dust, no problem, I can clean it up ... so after removing three small screws at the bottom the entire Cheetah comes apart, some lukewarm water with some soap in it does work wonders on old models like this.

Add a small pencil, some Q-tips, paper towels ... and patience and precise work and you end up with a very good looking, clean model. Keeping in mind this one is probably some 25 years old by now (I have red these were available from 1984 on ?) I don't mind the paint chips that are missing, the fact the front wheel has broken away at some time as I found some glue on it ... and the fun part was the fact when I unscrewed the front screw I actually discovered sand in it ... well it is a dune buggy right ?

Yes, it isn't a perfect sample, but I for one am actually really happy with it ... I have been looking for one of these for years now, but didn't want to pay too much for it, in the end it remains a glorified toy in my eyes, but still one that depicts a Lamborghini, so it surely deserves a spot in my showcase at home.

As I said, this seller had two of them, the other one being the 'Cheetah Explorer' version, a silver metallic one with a yellow interior ... rolling on blue tires ... let's call it special ok ?


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