Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain Edition


November 22, 2011

Listed under Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain Edition | Color : Black
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“Check out this amazing scale model by Looksmart of the very limited edition Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Blancpain edition.”

The LamboDieCast review :

I've received this model some time ago, but didn't have a chance to post images yet, so with a bit of a delay I present you the black version of the Looksmart made Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Blancpain Edition.

Some of you might not know about this model and confuse it with the recently released Super Trofeo Stradale version … well it’s close, but not the same car … this Blancpain edition was not unveiled at some major car show but still it is a very special car nonetheless … only 12 would be made of this new black model and as far as I know Looksmart is the only one offering a scale model of it.

On one hand you might think this is just a regular Superleggera with some decals, but in real life the Blancpain Edition was another 70kg lighter compared to the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera it is based on … because of the special wheels, new engine cover identical to the Super Trofeo race car and the massive rear wing … also taken from the race car.

We all know Looksmart is a builder of high end scale models in 1/43 scale with a hefty price tag, but I just know this model isn’t going to be available in 1/18 scale any time soon, so I went for this small model, and as usual Looksmart doesn’t disappoint.

I must admit the wheels are a bit crude on this car, especially when you consider the price of this car I would expect some nicer, finer wheels … makers that charge only one third of Looksmart can do better, but as I said, only Looksmart has it, so no choice here.

Also the decals are a bit less than perfect with their transparent surround, just like on those plastic model kits from the Eighties … I would imagine things would have changed by now … apparently not.
As this is a special edition model as a partnership between Automobili Lamborghini SpA and Swiss watchmaker Blancpain we get a lot of decals all over the car featuring the Blancpain logo with the 1735 date from when the watchmaker was founded, even on the side of the seats we can read Blancpain as on the dashboard, while the seatbelts feature the Raging Bull crest from Lamborghini.

This Looksmart model has all of those decals mounted, so it really sets itself apart from the regular Superleggera … so it surely deserves a nice place among any collection of super cars. If ever there will be a 1/18 scale model of this one I will surely replace this Looksmart model with it, but until that happens I am more than happy with this one.


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