Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


October 11, 2011

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“Ever since seeing the real car at Geneva in matt white I have been wanting to get a scale model of, and it just happens MR makes is in 1/18, expensive for sure, but so beautiful.”

The LamboDieCast review :

Ok, I’ll have to confess I really like the Lamborghini Aventador, and I’m spending way too much money of models of this new V12 flagship, but you have to admit this white one looks so nice you soon forget how much it cost to add to the collection … until your wife sees the invoice at the end of the month.

All kidding aside, I knew what I was getting into when I saw the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700 at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2011, they had three models on the stand, the well-known Arancio Argos shade, which I added in July already, at the right of this car a nice Grigio Estoque over warm brown interior (which I didn’t get because the MR has a tan interior, not a brown one) and at the left a magnificent matte white version over a black interior.

I really fell in love with that white one, the black sections on the bodywork surrounding the air intakes and outlets are so nicely offset on the white they almost look carved in, add to this the black grilles and those glossy black wheels and you end up with a match made in heaven … sheer automotive art to me.

So the minute I knew MR would be building this Bianco Canopus edition I put in an order, I would figure out how to pay for it later on. And I wasn’t disappointed at all, MR made a beauty from it. Sure it isn’t completely like the Geneva show car … no it’s even better.

Remember the Geneva car has a full black interior, nice and clean, but a but dark for me, MR put  a two tone white over black interior in their model which to me looks so much better and suits the white exterior perfectly. MR did stick with the glossy black wheels but opted for white painted brake callipers, again not like the real car at Geneva, but for me once more even better … MR red my mind and made a perfect scale model of the Aventador for me.

So I’m happy with the overall look of this Bianco Canopus finished Aventador model, by the way, did you know this Bianco Canopus is actually the same paint Lamborghini used for the Balloon White on the Gallardo ? That’s right, the magnificent pearl metallic white seen on some Gallardo models made it back onto a Raging Bull, only this time they don’t apply a glossy top coat but a satin top coat … but the white base coat is the same, you’ve just got to love those Italians right ?

And MR scaled it down nicely, the white paint shows tiny metal flakes in it, and when you look at it from an angle you see that typical pearl metallic shine … without gloss this time … I just know they had a hard time painting this shade, it is one of the most difficult shades to apply to a car, let alone a 1/18 scale model … remember Lamborghini pulled the Balloon White shade from production on the Gallardo LP560-4 … people who ordered it had to change it either to normal, glossy white or another shade, but they refused to do Balloon White at a certain stage because it was so difficult to apply perfectly.

So is this Bianco Canopus MR made Aventador the Holy Grail in scale models ?
For me a capital YES ! I love this model, I had to pay full retail on it but I have no regrets, it is on display next to the Arancio Argos one from MR I got earlier … but this matte white shade blows it clear out of the water for me … the white makes all the details come out so nicely … and to make things even better : I’ve got a matte black one on order too, just imagine how these two opposites will look side by side !

I did learn AutoArt will also be building the Avantador in 1/18, and also in matte white and matte black … so I’m eager to see how they will compare to this MR version, but judging from AA’s Super Veloce I think MR will have a hard time convincing people to shell out three times the amount required to obtain an AutoArt model that looks almost as nice is these MR … however AA made one massive mistake on their matte white Murcielago SV model … read about it in our review.


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