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July 19, 2011

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“Take a look at this white Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 race car, originally made by Reiter Engineering, scaled down to 1/18 by Meko Models.”

The LamboDieCast review :

I didn't even know a 1/18 scale model of the Gallardo GT3 existed, so a while ago I bought a Looksmart 1/43 edition in orange metallic just because I'm used to getting these smaller scale models whenever the 1/18 is still a long wait ahead of me.

But this time I found out about Meko Models on a diecast forum, they've made an SLR722 model and the Audi R8 GT model before Spark made theirs ... and now they are building this amazing Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 race version, available in a few plain body shades and at least two livery editions, which demand higher prices actually.

Personally I prefer a plain body version, and they offer either silver metallic, mat black, yellow or this white shade ... the latter being the only one with those 'shark fins' in the front bumper finished in contrasting black, which makes them stand out much better on white compared to the other shades, so I went for this bright shade.

I found this specific model in Hong Kong, the livery versions were also listed from the USA, but the plain body versions were only available from the Far East, but it was listed at a rather hefty price, I wasn't willing to pay that much for an unknown model car builder I never saw a model from in real life (did find some photos from the silver edition on a French forum by the way) ... but the seller also accepted 'best offer', so I went for a rather cheeky low offer ... and behold, she accepted it and sold me this amazing looking white Gallardo for a very nice price.

I did do a lot of business before with this seller, so I think that might have helped, anyway I now had a stunning 1/18 Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 race car on it's way from Hong Kong to Europe ... took only a week and arrived at my doorstep much earlier than I expected, awesome service from the Hong Kong Post and the seller, no issues there.

I opened the box, the model was nicely wrapped inside a second cardboard box and some plastic static wrapping ... this model comes with a nice plexi cover by the way, an extra detail worth mentioning ... and it is simply intimidating to say the least.

If you take a very close look at this model you will notice it is a bit rough around the edges, the black paint that surrounds the windshield isn't as neatly applied as on an MR Collection model, the sliding windows on the side aren't as nicely detailed either ... so it is a nice model, but it's not a stunning model.

Nonetheless I really like this model, it is the only 1/18 model available for this model of Lamborghini, that alone justifies a high price naturally, also note that this white shade is only made 20 times if my information is correct, however there is no certificate that states any of this, so this is a bit shady.

Is this model worth it's high asking price ? Well that is up to you actually, I feel it is expensive for the less than perfect quality and finish. I paid a little less than an MR originally sells for, and that's a lot of money for me ... but this model is special, it is rare, so I accept it being a little less perfect than say an MR model.

Also note this is a sealed model, nothing open, take that into account when deciding it is worth the asking price, an AutoArt or Kyosho opens up completely, but they don't have the Gallardo GT3 race car, and I highly doubt they will ever release it either ... so this Meko Models version is about the closest we'll ever get to owning a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 car ... I never claimed collection scale model cars was cheap ... or easy, now did I ?

So for me it's worth the price, but I'm sure a lot of collectors out there will feel it is way overpriced for the quality you get, and the fact it's yet again a sealed body won't help either, so in the end I have to say I have no regrets, it's a beautiful model and it received a nice place among my Lamborghini collection, but I have no intention of getting another shade or even a livery version for this kind of money.

A few years ago I actually saw a white, plain body Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 doing trial runs at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium ... take a look at this high speed shot an amazing car, I do notice now the 'fins' in the bumper are color coded on the real car ... never mind, I prefer them black like the Meko Models edition.


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