Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


July 4, 2011

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“This really is a stunning 1/18 scale model, made by MR Collection, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in the official Arancio Argos shade.”

The LamboDieCast review :

If you take collection scale models serious I'm sure you've heard about MR Collection before, this italian based modelmaker has been around for a long time producing some of the most impressive looking 1/43 and 1/18 scale models depicting the most exotic cars in the world.

Naturally they also build Lamborghini models, most of the time their 1/43 version is ready the day Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveils it at an auto show, it wouldn't be the first time I see a small box exchange hands with Mr Winkelmann containing a scale model of the car that is a few metres away on the stand.

So you just know when you buy one of those large 1/18 MR Collection models that you are getting a magnificent looking model, same with the bright orange metallic Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 you see here ... another masterpiece that just arrived in my collection after I made sure I to pre-order it well in advance, as the 1/18 Aventador is not different to the other Lamborghini MR built, they are all numbered and only produced in very limited numbers.

I already saw people receiving a yellow version of the MR Aventador, very nice by the way, but I prefer to shade used in the official factory press release and the one used for the auto shows ... and this time it had to be the Arancio Argos shade, a kind of red orange metallic color, very nice and it makes the mat black parts stand out even more ... next up is the mat white one, just as it was on display next to this orange one in Geneva during the 2011 Auto Show.

Enough background information, let's talk about this new model from MR, before people start on it again, yes this is a sealed model ... I even heard someone call it a block of resin ... now that's really offensive if you ask me. This block of resin happens to show the actual Lamborghini Aventador in such detail, if you wouldn't be told some of the pictures could easily pass for the real deal.

Every little detail is there, on the outside with those nifty parking sensors in the bumpers, the grilles inside the multitude of air intakes finished in mat black but also on the inside. I tried to get as much detail in the photos as possible, you can see the red 'start' button ready to be pushed, the nice Lamborghini Raging Bull emblem on the headrests, the iconic Bull logo on the screen for the sat nav system ... all those little details are present inside this beautiful MR model.

The Lamborghini Aventador has a glass engine cover, three louvres keep most of the rain from getting that stunning V12 engine dirty, note the carbon fiber 't' on the engine and the awesome horizontal suspension with red springs ... every single detail can be seen on this 1/18 masterpiece.

As I lack the patience to wait things out I naturally got myself the three shades Bburago made on the Aventador ... well this MR makes them look like toys, sorry Bburago, a very nice effort, but completely blown out of the water by this MR model ... now I do understand MR shouldn't be called competition ... these MR work of arts are on a totally different level, if not by price surely by quality, and as an avid Lamborghini collector I naturally have them all.

If you can afford it, and you can locate one of these limited edition models (better be quick, I'm sure these will sell out quickly, the original carbon fiber Sesto Elemento is already sold out at MR by the way) do not hesitate to add it to your collection, it will be the center piece of any scale car collection I'm sure.

I alreadty heard the remark : why not wait for AutoArt to make it ? Simple ... it will not be as nice and as exclusive as this MR model but more importantly ... when will we be able to get a 1/18 AutoArt Lamborghini Aventador ? My guess is we will only see them release it towards the end of 2012 of not 2013 ... at least I have had the pleasure of admiring a highly detailed model from today on.

Don't think about it, let your heart speak and get one of these overwhelmingly good looking 1/18 MR models on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 ... yes they are expensive, but they are so good looking you quickly forget what you paid for it ... most of the time.


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