Lamborghini Miura Jota


April 6, 2009

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“The original Lamborghini Miura Jota built by Bob Wallace has now been very nicely rebuilt in a 1/43 scale model by Minichamps ... if they would only offer it in large 1/18 too, that would be great.”

The LamboDieCast review :

We've seen many Miura Jota SVR from Kyosho already, I actually own several of them, both in 1/18 and in 1/43, but this one from Minichamps is different.

This is a 1/43 replica of the real deal, the actual Lamborghini Miura Jota made by Bob Wallace in the Seventies, a true race car that was built in his spare time to show just how far the Miura concept could be stretched if it would be built for the track.

Unfortunately at a certain point in time this one of a kind Lamborghini was sold and subsequently crashed ... it was totally lost and never repaired.

However an UK based enthusiast took a 'normal' Miura and had it rebuilt into an exact Jota replica a few years ago, it looks and sounds amazing, and again is a one of a kind.

As this car is not for sale, and even if it was available it would cost a small fortune, I was very happy to at least find a decent scale model to odd to my collection.

Minichamps might not be in the same league as MR or Looksmart, but it sure looks very nice anyway, and as it is the only 1/43 scale model of the actual Jota that is readily available I wouldn't hesiate to advice you to get one too before they run out, as usual Minichamps made it a limited edition, and as the real Jota only existed in this shade of red, it is no use buying it in any other color.


Our rating :

Overall rating 8/10

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