Lamborghini Countach LP500S

February 25, 2009

Listed under Lamborghini Countach LP500S | Color : Blue
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“Walter Wolf's third special Lamborghini Countach, again with the 5-Liter engine and boasting massive wheels and additional spoilers all around, nicely reproduced in 1/18 scale by Kyosho.”

The LamboDieCast review :

The third personalized Lamborghini Countach for Walter Wolf in a few years time, this time finished in light blue (some called it Bugatti blue) over a tan interior.

The special 5-Liter V12 was taken from his red car and mounted into this new car together with revised suspension to cope with the 345mm wide rear tires from Pirelli on Bravo style wheels.

The rear wing was now fully adjustable from the driver's seat and Walter Wolf even had an automatic fire extinguisher system installed ... just in case.

This would be the last highly customized car made for Walter Wolf, his next Countach was in fact the very first production model for the then new Countach S range and would be finished in dark blue metallic.

The other Walter Wolf Countach are the white one with roof wing and the red one with black wheel arch extensions, all available from Kyosho too in large 1/18 scale.


Our rating :

Overall rating 10/10

Original price : € 95